Monday, March 24, 2008

Karin Schminke's Recent Daniel Smith Free Demo - MULTI-MEDIA: Basic Intro to Using InkAID

Karin Schminke's recent FREE demo at the Daniel Smith Seattle Store allowed those who attended to see and learn a few of the techniques she likes to use in her Multi-Media Digital Printmaking work. Many more are discussed in much deeper detail in her book, with Dorothy Simpson Krause and Bonny Pierce Lhotka, the "Digital Art Studio ".

This is a very process oriented way of making Art, and Karin talked about how important it is to "start with the basics - then follow your own creativity".

For part of the demo, Karin talked about using different papers, different InkAID Precoats , watercolor and rice papers, and showed the audience some samples of the effects. Karin also likes to work with Arches Black Cover Paper to get certain effects. When using the Arches Cover Black, Karin paints the surface unevenly with one or two coats of InkAID White Matte Precoat and after thoroughly drying, prints her image onto the surface. Because of the uneven application, the thickness varies on the precoat, and when the image is printed on to the formerly solid black surface she gets some really interesting effects.

Karin shared a lot of information with us about how the different materials could be used, which allowed those attending the demo to ask a lot of questions. It was a great opportunity to get answers to specific questions from an artist with expertise in a very specific medium!

At the end of the hour long FREE demo on March 8th, Karin sent us all off with these encouraging words to experiment with different processes: "Be Brave!"

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