Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Welcome to the Daniel Smith Blog!

Hello! Update June 19, 2009, we have moved the DANIEL SMITH Blog to it's permanent address at: . Please visit us there for more on DANIEL SMITH: Artists' Materials.

Also, please feel free to follow us on Twitter at at Daniel Smith... we are all about helping You to express the creative, artistic side of You. This blog will be an evolving place to share information, and creating conversations with You.
I will be exploring lots of different topics on subjects that I find interesting about making art, Daniel Smith and our products, especially the ones we develop and manufacture, as well as subjects and questions You may have.

To begin our journey, we'll start at the Daniel Smith Seattle store where the Daniel Smith corporate offices are as well. Our Call Center, where telephone catalog orders are taken, and where where Daniel Smith Watercolors , Daniel Smith Acrylics , Daniel Smith Oils , and Daniel Smith Inks and Printmaking Supplies are Manufactured are also at the Seattle location.

We also have our Daniel Smith Bellevue Store , where I will also be visiting as well. The Warehouse where all your orders are full-filled, is in another location nearby. I will be visiting these places in the future to let you in on what's happening, and how it all works.

There are also many free demonstrations as well as workshops at both stores. I will be attending some of them, and sharing some of the tips that the Artists share in their demonstrations. This is a place to share and learn, and I will be learning right along side of You the things about making Art that I have myself have not done (yet!). I studied painting and lithography in school, so there is much for me to learn about watercolor, acrylic, and other mediums as well. We will be on a journey together!