Monday, June 23, 2008

Bellevue Daniel Smith FREE Watercolor Demo with Susie Short on Saturday, June 21st.

Watercolor Artist Susie Short was at the Daniel Smith store in Bellevue last Saturday for one of the weekly FREE Daniel Smith demonstrations . Susie's theme for the the watercolor painting demo was "Sea and Shore" to give some insight and techniques on painting the shore for the 11am demo, and the second demo at 1:45 was tips on painting waves crashing onto the shore.

Susie shared lots and lots of insights, with her amazing observations on shore landscapes and tips on how to paint them in watercolor . She showed the packed room full of watercolor enthusiasts "feathering" to get the strong horizontals of the shoreline and parallel surf, how she makes the foaming surf and spray pop from the paper, achieves the translucent effects of the waves and water as it covers the sand and rocks...and so much more! For an hour demo there was a lot of great stuff!

Working mostly with her new Daniel Smith Sand and Surf Watercolor Triad: Indanthrone Blue , Ultramarine Turquoise , and Goethite (Brown Ochre) Susie demonstrated the watercolor painting effects she was showing the audience...really amazing! Susie also used just a touch of Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor, Green Gold for the light glowing through the wave just before it crashes.

Susie also had a painting on display that she did just a few days before when she was at the beach, it was an incredible shore landscape with dark rocks that she did with the new Sand and Surf Triad, and a touch of Quinacridone Burnt Orange which when mixed with the other three colors produced the most amazing deep, rich dark for the back-lighted rocks. This painting was the one she recreated for the 11am FREE demo.

When Susie was talking about how to paint the waves, she shared her excellent observations on how the light effects the water and how to create those effects with watercolor painting. It was also fun to watch and learn because Susie became very animated waving her hands and arms to act out the action of the wave...complete with sound effects! Susie is a very inspiring watercolor painting instructor, so be sure to come to her next Daniel Smith FREE Demo at the Seattle store : Saturday, July 12th at 11am and 1:45pm to see for yourself. Thank you Susie!

Susie Short also many watercolor workshops and watercolor painting videos and DVDs too! The next Daniel Smith Workshop is:

Sunday & Monday July 27th and 28th.
WATERCOLOR: Sea and Shore
$75 per day
11 AM to 4:00 PM
001 020 059

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