Thursday, June 19, 2008

SUMI: Lotus Breeze with Yuming Zhu - Saturday June 14th FREE Demo at Daniel Smith in Seattle

Yuming Zhu began with a good basic introduction to the materials used for Sumi Painting. He briefly talked about the brushes used such as the Jade Bamboo Brush and Rattail Fine Line Brush and what characteristics each type of brush brings to the painting. Other materials such as the rice paper; Best Shuan, and Double Shuan, that is used, how it works with the Sumi Inks, why you need the Ivy Wool Felt (to keep the paper from sticking to you work-surface) and more really good Sumi Painting materials tips.

After introducing the audience to some of the basic Sumi Painting materials, Yuming began talking to us about painting the Sumi way: "You see your subject, you interpret your subject, you express the essential character of your subject." "You paint what you feel, not what you see."

Then Yuming began his painting of Lotus Flowers in the water...a very physical activity. Watching Yuming was like watching a martial arts bout; a period of studying and sizing up the opponent (the painting as it exists at that point), gathering energy and engaging with the painting using the brush, then pausing to stand back and absorb the results of that engagement. Yuming steps back, resumes his study of the new painting, and repeating his actions until he was satisfied with the painting.

Afterwards, Yuming answered questions, and the most interesting one was about how "rough" he was with his brushes when he was applying the ink to the paper. Yuming replied; "don't worry about abusing your brush when painting, work your brush the way you want/need to, when you clean your brush, that is the time to respect your brush."
Click here for tips on caring for oriental style brushes.

It was interesting talking to Yuming afterwards about the energy he gathers about himself just before applying the inked brush to the paper. Yuming talked about "chi" and told me that it's about "capturing the moment and energy...and paint what you feel, not what you see." It was a very interesting demo, thank you Yuming!
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