Wednesday, May 28, 2008

SUMI: Spiritual Harmony with Elizabeth Kay - FREE Seattle Daniel Smith Store Demo

Last Saturday's FREE demo at the Seattle Daniel Smith store was informative (as they all are) and extra entertaining with Sumi Artist: Elizabeth Kay. There was a bit of theater in Elizabeth's demonstration of Sumi Painting; music, movement and motivation for aspiring Sumi Artists...and at the end of each Sumi painting Elizabeth completed, there was a burst of spontaneous applause!

Elizabeth Kay had lots to tell in a packed hour. She demonstrated "The Four Gentlemen", which are the four basic brushstrokes in Sumi painting, Discussed what to look for in Sumi paper and how it's different from watercolor paper ...much, much thinner, and you paint on the smooth side. And so much more....

As Elizabeth painted three different Sumi paintings she was inspired by music, Asian naturally, but there were some musical surprises in store for the audience. Each painting had a very different type of music playing while she painted: Classical, the theme music from the movie "Dances With Wolves", and my favorite painting of a Bird of Paradise was done to Salsa Music! Elizabeth's brush twirled and danced across the sumi paper enticing a splendid Bird of Paradise to appear...very dramatic!

Elizabeth had lots of wonderful motivating words to tell the attendees: "An Artist is someone who paints", Elizabeth calls all her students who attend her classes Artists. "Know your Subject, Love your Subject, Paint your Subject". Paint on the best Sumi paper you can, and master that surface because you never know when that particular work will be the One...and "if it doesn't work, you've made wrapping paper!" Elizabeth asked the attendees the question: "When is a painting finished? When the Artist dies".

If you missed the opportunity to come to this FREE demo, and if you weren't there you really missed something! Well, you have a second chance because the Bellevue Daniel Smith Store will be hosting Elizabeth Kay with a second FREE demo this coming June:

Saturday, June 14th at 11 am & 1:45 pm

SUMI: Spiritual Harmony

Elizabeth Kay


Elizabeth Kay will be having a three day SUMI Painting Workshop
June 19th through the 21st:
Experience the joy of painting in sumi and
brilliant asian watercolors
during a three-day workshop.
You will learn to master basic sumi strokes
while controlling the use of water, ink, and color
with an objectiveto capture the spirit and vitality of the subject.
Elizabeth believes that
"you are an artist if you hold the brush in your hand,"
and that "painting to theme music gives
each artist a sense of peace and harmony.
"The class structure will progress in the following format:
Day One: Materials, basic strokes and unique traditions,
and beauty of the sumi art form.
Day Two: Create several small sumi paintings.
Day Three: Complete your paintings by mounting
on decorative asian papers.
$75 per day
11 AM to 4:00 PM
001 020 014

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