Thursday, May 29, 2008

Northwest Watercolor Society meeting with Deanne Lemley and her Plein Aire Painting Demonstration, and Daniel Smith Plein Aire Art Supply Display

Last Tuesday, the Northwest Watercolor Society held its' "4th Tuesday of the month meeting" in Bellevue. Their guest for the evening was Deanne Lemley who gave a demonstration on Plein Aire watercolor painting.

The Bellevue Daniel Smith Store was also invited to set up a display of Plein Aire art supplies so that NWWS Members could see the wide range of artist materials available to the Plein Aire Artist during the social time before the meeting, and Deanne's demonstration.

Katherine Taylor, the store manager, and artist Che Lopez also of the Bellevue Store, were there to set up the displays and answer questions about all the Plein Aire artist materials. Along with the Daniel Smith Plein Aire art supplies, Che brought (to show everyone what he actually uses) his entire personal Plein Aire kit including his Daniel Smith Tripolar Half French Style Easel , Artist's Tote bag, and three watercolor palettes , one each depending on his mood for that landscape! Two of the most talked about items were the Plein Aire Easel Shelf to add more workspace, and the clamp-on Artist Easel Umbrella to shade out glare while painting.

After the General Membership meeting was the anticipated Plein Aire watercolor painting demonstration by Deanne Lemley. Deanne re-created a Plein Aire watercolor painting while the audience watched. It was amazing to see the painting reveal itself while Danne painted, on the projected screen so everyone in the large audience could see. Deanne Lemley offered many tips on Plein Aire Watercolor Painting while she was working including these two:

"Stop painting when the light moves."
"When you paint from life you see opportunities that
you can never make up."

This was the last meeting until September. Non-members are welcome to attend these Northwest Watercolor Society meetings to introduce them to what the NWWS is about.

It was a fun and informative evening and many thanks to the members of the Northwest Watercolor Society for inviting Daniel Smith to participate!

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