Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Artists Reception Last Friday at the Bellevue Daniel Smith Store

Last Friday, May 9th, the Bellevue Daniel Smith Store hosted an Artists Reception for members of the Northwest Watercolor Society whose paintings are hanging in the store this May for Watercolor Month .

The Reception was from 5:30 to 7:30 and held in the room where the weekend FREE demos are held and most of the paintings are hung. Hostess Supreme, Store Manager Katherine Taylor, was in her element making sure everyone was having a good time...there was food for the hungry and art for the soul!

I was unable to get there until a quarter of seven (I was with my clients until late) so I missed meeting most of the people attending and Katherine happily filled me in. I met a couple of lingering artists, Marianne Perkins (ink and watercolor: "Still Life in Seattle") Adam Nichols (watercolor: "Surf Walk") and later, Roger Baker (watercolor: "Morning Mist")

Marianne, who will be doing one of the FREE demos this coming Sunday, May 18th, on "WATERCOLOR: Discovering the possibilites of walnut ink!" at the Bellevue Store, was fun to talk to about the show.

Marianne helped with getting the show hung and tagged so had a funny story about a painting by Nadir Kianersi whose title "Not Finished Yet" caused a little confusion when Marianne was making the title cards. Every time Marianne called Nadir to find out the title of his painting, he told her "not finished yet" and Marianne thought he meant that the painting was "not yet finished" so made a title card with "Untitled" on it. Well, the painting was of a couple of unfinished Bellevue Skyscrapers and the descriptive title for it was...drum roll please!..."Not Yet Finished"!

This is really a good show and shows a wide range of water-based mediums, and subject matter. The show is up until May 28th and it's worth a trip to the Bellevue Daniel Smith Store to check it out.

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