Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Seattle Daniel Smith Store FREE Demos and More!

This weekends' FREE Demos at the Seattle Daniel Smith Store

Saturday, May 24th at 11 am & 1:45 pm
SUMI: Spiritual Harmony


Elizabeth’s Workshop June 19th thru 21st Seattle Store:
Thursday to Saturday June 19th to 21st
SUMI: Spiritual Harmony

Experience the joy of sumi painting and
brilliant asian watercolors during a three-day workshop.
You will learn to master basic sumi strokes
while controlling the use of water, ink, and color
with an objective to capture the spirit and vitality of the subject.
Elizabeth believes that "you are an artist if you hold the brush in your hand,"
and that "painting to theme music gives each artist
a sense of peace and harmony.

"The class structure will progress in the following format:
Day One: Materials, basic strokes and unique traditions,
and beauty of the sumi art form.
Day Two: Create several small sumi paintings.
Day Three: Complete your paintings by mounting
on decorative asian papers.
$75 per day
11am to 4pm
101 020 014


Sunday, May 25th at 12 & 2 pm

ACRYLIC: Pour it on! Build it up!
Dianna Shyne
"I will be using images from my recent painting trip to the
Yunnan Province of China to demonstrate this acrylic technique."


Also, DON’T FORGET....
Dianna’s Workshop June 22nd Seattle Store:
Sunday June 22nd

ACRYLIC: Pour it on! Build it up!
Join impressionist painter Dianna Shyne in a distinctive
approach to acrylic painting.
Dianna will show you her techniques with a combination of
fluid and heavy bodied acrylics to create dynamic images.
Using landscapes for the basis of composition and form,
students will learn to increase their freedom and control.
Start your summer with a painting class that is
fast paced, fun, and inspirational!
$75 per day
11AM to 4:00 PM
001 020 057

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