Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Camano Island Studio Tour

This past weekend was the
and we are excited that this year
is a sponsor of the Camano Island Studio Tour!

A group of us from Daniel Smith car pooled with John Cogley (owner of Daniel Smith): Tina Leader (Human Resources Director), Jaren Balzer (Information Systems Manager), Katherine Taylor (Bellevue Store Manager) and Deborah Burns (me, the Daniel Smith Blogger!).

We left Seattle Saturday morning with John driving, for Camano Island and were able to visit 17 of the 32 studios and galleries before the end of the day. Because I was not the navigator (Jaren was our "navigator extraordinaire") I may have lost count of how many places we went to and may have missed noting a few, my apologies if I missed you. Actually, I think is was probably very challenging focusing on the driving (John) and navigation (Jaren) considering all the laughing and fun we were having in vechicle!

While making our rounds of the Tour, we ran into others from Daniel Smith: Thom Wright (Purchasing Manager), Connie Cagley (Marketing Specialist, Society Relations) and her husband Guy, and Charlene Vogt (Catalog Sales Manager) who was hosting a party (yummy meatballs and more!) at a friends cabin on the Island.

The studios and galleries showed a wide range of art work among them: Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic, Glass, Ceramic, Metal, Photography, and Jewelry. I took some photos of the work spaces of a few of the artists, unfortunately once I got home to review and label the photos I realized that I did not take nearly as many photos as it felt like, next year I will have to focus on taking more.

We visited: #27) Seagrass Gallery , #1) Bob Paczkowski Studio , #2) Rainchild Metal Works: Ben Rainchild , #5) Dan Bergsma Art Glass: Dan Bergsma #6) John Muhler Studio: John D. Muhler, Debbi Rhodes , #7) Jack Dorsey Studio: Jack Dorsey, Ann Cory , #8) Jack Gunter Art and Design Studio , #9) Janet Mitchell Studio , #10) Old Mabana Schoolhouse: Linda Demetre , #11) Betty Dorotik , #12) Diane Hill Studio: Diane Hill, Jeanine Borree, Sue Uhrich , #13) Lee Beitz , #14) Matzke Fine Art Gallery , #15) Kathy Hastings Studio: Kathy Hastings, Marguerite Goff , #16) Thompson Art Studio: Susan Thompson Cohen , #17) Rays Through Art Glass: Ray Fossum , and #18) Camano Island Pottery: Roger Cocke .

Some of the studios had breathtaking views of the Puget Sound, which of course made us each wonder how challenging it must be to focus on painting when there is a spectacular view outside the window!
Camano Island is such a beautiful location and having the opportunity to drive around the Island and see so much art was a wonderful way to spend the day. A few of us could not resist and went home with some original artwork and prints of original work...
...have to do our part to help support the Artists!
# 1: 2008 Poster for Camano Island Studio Tour by John Muhler.
# 2: Jack Gunter Studio entrance.
# 3: Diane Hill Studio entrance.
# 4: Diane Hill's workspace
# 5: Jeanine Borree and paintings at Diane Hill Studio
# 6: John Muhler Studio entrance, sculpture by Debbi Rhodes


Anonymous said...

Thank you Daniel Smith for sponsoring the Camano Island Studio Tour and thank you four folks for coming up and visiting us. Now, if I could just get out of the Daniel Smith once without finding everything wonderful that I need. :+) You also have great customer service on the phone. Thanks jb.

Deborah Burns said...

Hi JB, We are so happy to have been a part of the Camano Island Studio Tour!

It was a fun day for us to get out and meet so many Artists, visit their studios and best of all...see all the wonderful work that was created.

Thank you for your kind words. We work hard at Daniel Smith to make sure we have what you need to create your Art, and it's always nice to hear good things about the service our people provide, thank you! :-)

Susan Cohen Thompson said...

Thanks to all of you from Daniel Smith who came to the Camano Island Studio Tour, and a big thanks for sponsoring our event! It has been exciting for us to have your group take such an enthusiastic interest in our work and our tour. We love Daniel Smith here on Camano.

Susan Cohen Thompson

Deborah Burns said...

Hi Susan,

We had such a great time visiting all the studios and meeting all you artists. Thank you all for your hospitality!