Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ann Breckon's Free demo on Watercolor: Flowers and Baskets

Last Saturday's Free demo at the Daniel Smith
was with watercolorist Ann Breckon
showing the audience some tips (and tricks too!)
for painting flowers and baskets in watercolor.
After the demo had ended, as usual, many people stayed to ask
a few more questions as they looked at the painting that Ann had
done during the demo, always a great way to learn!

If you would like a more intensive, hands-on class to learn more
about watercolor painting, register for Ann's
coming up Thursday, April 24th.
Even if you are unsure of your drawing ability,
Ann will show you some tricks to get you beyond that.

Thursday April 24th WATERCOLOR: Baskets in Watercolor
with Ann Breckon
Come learn easy ways to paint what looks like a difficult subject.
Ann shows you how to create different kinds of woven baskets
that are beautiful, dimensional, and realistic.
This class will cover several ways to incorporate baskets
into your own charming still life paintings.
$75 per day 11 am to 4 pm

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