Monday, April 21, 2008

Training For Our New Daniel Smith Summer Sale Catalog

The new Daniel Smith Summer Sale Catalog has been mailed out and you should be receiving it very soon if you haven't already gotten it. To be ready for your questions about new products in this catalog, we had training sessions last week for the Call Center and Store sales people. Our trainers, Thom Wright and artist Jennifer Phillips did a great job filling everyone in on the benefits of the new products so we could pass them on to you, and pointed out the terrific values of the items that are now ON SALE for you!

There are a couple of new Daniel Smith Paints being introduced in this catalog. Two new Daniel Smith watercolors: Smalt Genuine and Perylene Violet (everyone attending got tubes to play with!) a very beautiful blue and a juicy reddish violet on page 3. Also, a new Daniel Smith oil paint: Cadmium Red Medium Hue " offers an "alternative to classic Cadmium Red. It's a vibrant, strong primary organic color, it has high chroma and strong opacity", on page 23.

A couple of other things that caught my eye during the training session I attended. The first was the new Atria Stainless Steel Brush Washers in three sizes on page 59, they are airtight to prevent odors and spills. The other was the new A-Frame Studio Easel on page 95. which has a wood tray to brace the legs and provides some storage, and tilts both forward and back.

If you have not received a catalog and would like one, click here to request a Daniel Smith Summer Sale Catalog ...we are now ready for You!


Jennifer Phillips said...

What an exciting blog! I love shopping at Daniel Smith for all my supplies! After working at DS for over 10 years, I am truly and addict!
All of the paints that I use for my oil landscapes are Daniel Smith brand...I love to brag to my clients about how your paints are made right here in Seattle!

Deborah Burns said...

Hi Jennifer!

You and Thom did a great job with the training session in April. I am looking forward to the next one this month that you will be trainer for at Daniel really know your art materials!

I am really excited about your new blog...congratulations! I really like your "pocket landscapes" and your photos placing them back into the landscape...very original!

It will be great to see your work at the Bellevue Art and Crafts Fair later this month.

Thanks for stopping by Jennifer! :-)

Deborah Burns said...

Whoops! I meant "Landscape in your Pocket"!