Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Daniel Smith Artists' Materials: "Best of the City" as Listed in Seattle Metropolitan Magazine

While looking through my copy of this months Seattle Metropolitan Magazine , and checking out their "Best of the City" lists, I found a nice surprise when I saw Daniel Smith listed! Under "shopping and Style" on page 109, under "Craft Supplies" (OK, that should be Artist Materials or Supplies!) there we were!

I know, and you know, that Daniel Smith is the BEST Art Supply Store, and it's always nice to be recognized by others too.

The link to Seattle Metropolitan Magazine does not actually show the lists for their "Best of the City" , so you'll have to pick up you own copy to check it out. When you do, remember, this July 2008 issue is their 3D edition so you will have extra fun looking at the magazine through the included 3D glasses in the issue!

Our thanks to Seattle Metropolitan Magazine for the nice "pat on the back"!

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