Thursday, July 24, 2008

Special FREE Event Demo: Introducing the New GOLDEN OPEN Acrylic Paints with GOLDEN's Nina Deckert

For everyone who works with GOLDEN Acrylics , Acrylic paint in general, and Oil paint may want to come to the Early Bird (9:30am) FREE demo at the Seattle DANIEL SMITH Store on the New GOLDEN OPEN Acrylics. GOLDEN Acrylics' very knowledgeable representative, Nina Deckert will be there to "Show and Tell" all about this new really cool product....there will be some FREE goodies (samples!) of this revolutionary new acrylic paint!

Since DANIEL SMITH will be carrying the entire line of the New OPEN Acrylics (look for them on page 42 of the new 2008-2009 Reference Catalog) Nina has been holding training sessions this week with the DANIEL SMITH store and catalog people. Nina will be offering some of the same information at this FREE demo!

What's so new and wonderful about the new GOLDEN OPEN Acrylics? Well they have a much, much longer open time to work with. This is a totally new formula (and top secret too!) for acrylics that allows artists extended time to work with the paint...almost like an oil paint. The paint feels luscious and silky, again like an oil paint, when you apply it to your surface. The paint does not skim over as there is a humectant in the formula to attract moisture from the air helping to extend the open time. You can mix and work over the surface with blending, more like painting in oils, but with no solvents!

The new GOLDEN OPEN Acrylics clean out of brushes really well with water, and are designed to mix with GOLDEN's Heavy Body Acrylics (and other brands including DANIEL SMITH Ultimate Acrylics ) which, depending on the amount of OPEN Acrylic mixed in will extend the working time of the mixed color. There is lots more, so come by to find out more from Nina at the Special Event this Saturday at 9:30 am! Remember there will be a cool package with 3 samples of GOLDEN OPEN Acrylic! Thank you Nina!

Saturday, July 26th at 9:30am

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