Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Daniel Smith's Newest Watercolor Triad - Sand & Surf!

Daniel Smith's Newest Triad...

Recently Daniel Smith added a new Watercolor Triad just in time for Summer Watercolor Painting! It's the Sand & Surf Triad colors chosen by Watercolor Artist Susie Short . It's official name is: "DANIEL SMITH: Limited Edition Watercolor Triad, Susie Short's Sand & Surf".

If you are planning on going to the beach this summer to do some Plein Aire Painting, then you may want to bring this Triad along with you! Either take the Sand & Surf Triad itself, or add one or two of the colors to your collection if you already have either the Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors in Indanthrone Blue , Ultramarine Turquoise, or the Goethite, Brown Ochre, and complete your own Triad!

Susie recently did a FREE demo at the Bellevue Daniel Smith Store using mostly this Sand & Surf Triad (click HERE to see) and will be doing another FREE "Sea and Shore" demo this weekend at the Seattle Daniel Smith Store on Saturday, July 12th at 11am and 1:45pm.

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Susie said...

Hi everyone! I'd like to add info about another class at the Bellevue Store on July 15th on painting Sea & Shore using this triad. Their was such a positive response at the DEMO on June 21st that we added another class as requested by those in attendance. Not only will you learn how to paint waves and wet sand you will also see how this triad of colors will mix and mingle with your basic palette colors. The one day Sea & Shore Class is Tuesday July 15th - from 10:00 am - 3:30 pm in the Bellevue Daniel Smith Classroom. $55. Call Susie Short to register 253-859-1111. For more info or to register online visit
Thanks Deborah!
Susie Short