Friday, July 25, 2008

DANIEL SMITH's Newest Extra Fine Watercolor Triad - Firenze

DANIEL SMITH has a new Limited Edition Watercolor Triad called "Firenze" which features the colors Permanent Yellow Deep , Quinacridone Burnt Scarlet , and Verditer Blue.

This new DANIEL SMITH Triad are DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolors chosen by Watercolor Artist Brenda Swenson. Brenda chose these colors because:

"When working with a limited palette I look for colors
that “feel” like my subject matter.
All 3 of these colors have low staining qualities that I like
and mix wonderfully to create new colors.
The city scene of Florence is warm and bright so
I wanted to have a warm dominance of temperature.
The wonderful granulation of Verditer Blue added texture
to the shadows and glazed beautifully,
even for a semi-transparent color"

So, if you are dreaming of traveling to Italy, have a desire to paint Mediterranean landscapes.... or are lucky enough to actually be traveling to the region and hope to do some Plein Aire painting....well, this might be the DANIEL SMITH Triad for you!

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